• Capacitive sensing is the core of multi touch system
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    Multi touch induction is an extension of capacitive sensing, capacitive sensing makes touch technology become more intuitive, can be detected at the same time a number of fingers and can recognize gestures. In this paper, the basic principle of capacitance induction and the improvement of capacitance induction technology in automotive applications are introduced. After introducing the structure and the internal operation of the multi touch screen / track board, the change of multi touch sensing to the human computer interface is discussed.
    The core of multi touch system is a pair of adjacent electrodes. When a conductor is close to the electrode, the capacitance between the two electrodes increases, which can be detected by the micro controller. In addition, capacitive sensing can also be used for proximity sensing, sensors and the user does not need to be exposed to the body. This can be achieved by increasing the sensitivity of the sensor.

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