• Damage analysis of IGBT type induction heating power supply
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    IGBT type induction heating power supply structure of the heating power can be maintained for a long time and efficient work, and relatively high security, and therefore more popular with the production and consumer groups. Due to the IGBT, reactor, output transformer, a resonant capacitor adopts water cooling structure, is not only the loss of large, low efficiency, large consumption of cooling water, and is easy to because copper tube fouling blockage causes the device to burn down, prone to leakage lead to expanding the scope of fault problem. And because the water system cannot guarantee many parallel branches, each branch has protection function.
induction heating capacitors
    And IGBT power components prone to damage, it is due to the analog control circuit can not adapt to various changes of conditions, the IGBT power components from zero soft switching state, so the switching losses increase and lead to damage of IGBT power components. Pulse width modulation products with soft opening, hard shutdown or hard shutdown circuit, so the IGBT loss is large, and this way is easy to break away from the soft switch state led to IGBT damage.
    In the operation of IGBT type heating power supply, the output transformer and reactor are easily damaged. The second failure or damage reason is due to equipment in over-voltage, overload, an induction coil short circuit or short circuit, power element overheating control circuit can not play to effective restriction and protection role, this condition can easily lead to reactor or output transformer are susceptible to damage. Device with parallel resonant mode can be easily damaged by inverter unit. After the rectification, the power factor is low, the power factor is low, and the input current is large, because of the high capacity power capacitor filter, the filter inductor and the DC side IGBT chopping circuit.

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