• What is the induction heating capacitors?
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capacitors for induction equipment
  What are the induction heating capacitors?
  (1) the metal objects can be heated to the desired temperature at any moment, including the melting point of the metal;
  (2) Induction heating capacitors do not need to be like other heating methods, the first to produce high temperature after heating the metal objects which are heated, you can directly                produce high temperature in the metal;
  (3) Capacitors for induction equipment not only can make the overall heating of metal objects, but also can be selectively localized to each part of the heating;
  (4) Induction heating capacitors is a revolution in the way of heating, the same is electric heating, it can be compared to the electric furnace, electric oven and other power saving                     forty percent: This is the high frequency machine, if the machine is a powerful advantage.
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