• 2 cases of the increase of the power consumption of the capacitor
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induction melting capacitors
    Jiande Antai Power Capacitor Co.,Ltd is a professional supply capacitors enterprises, main induction heating capacitor, induction melting capacitors. Capacitor is one of the electronic components widely used in electronic equipment, the use of very extensive.
    The capacitor capacitance will significantly change the situation, this is an internal capacitor partial discharge phenomenon, the damage caused by the element. Capacitor's capacitance increases. There are two cases: the first is no capacitor with internal fuse. Once the capacitance increases, that is, more than a series segment breakdown caused by the capacitance can be increased, should immediately withdraw from the operation; the second is a capacitor with internal fuse should be considered a component breakdown fault and corresponding internal fuse not caused by fusing capacitance can be increased, to immediately withdraw from the operation. In short, no matter what kind of situation should be immediately quit running, to prevent the capacitor with fault operation and develop into an extended fault.

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