• What is the induction heating technology?
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  What is the induction heating technology?

  1. Can make metal objects in an instant is heated to the required for any temperature, including its melting point; 2. Do not need like other heating mode as the first high temperature after heating is heating the metal objects, can produce a high temperature directly in the metal; 3. Not only can heating the metal objects as a whole, can also be selectively to each part of the local heating; 4. It is a way of heating the revolution, the same electric heating, but it can be than electric stove, electric oven and power saving percent 40:

  Jiande Antai Power Capacitor Co.,Ltd supply capacitors for induction equipment and induction melting capacitor. The capacitor can be used for a variety of occasions, mentioned above is a high-frequency induction heating equipment, the sensing device with capacitor.

  Inlet temperature of medium frequency induction heating equipment and not the lower the better, a water inlet temperature is too low to make the cooling condensation on the surface of components, the electrical insulation performance degradation. Water inlet cooling water temperature best close to room temperature, and out of the water should have certain pressure difference, ensure each cooling equipment branch of the water in a certain velocity flow will have a good cooling effect, but also to avoid water bubbles exist and affect the cooling effect.

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