• induction capacitor used in the touchscreen
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    Induction capacitors are high-tech products, car video, multi-point infrared touch screen, large-screen display and so uses a capacitive sensing technology. Multi-point touch-sensitive capacitive sensing is an extension of the capacitive sensing touch technology makes more intuitive, it can simultaneously detect multiple fingers and recognize gestures. Multi-point touch-sensitive interface that gives the machine the changes brought about.
induction capacitors
     Core multi-touch system is composed of a pair of adjacent electrode capacitive sensing when a conductor such as a finger close to these electrodes, the capacitance between the two electrodes will increase, it can be detected by the microcontroller. In addition, the capacitive sensing can be used for proximity sensing, sensors, and users do not need to come into contact with the body. This can be achieved by increasing the sensitivity of the sensor.
     Capacitive sensing more and more used to replace mechanical buttons, knobs, automotive systems, touch buttons and sliders can be used for in-car entertainment, trunk switch, heating ventilation & air-conditioning control, keyless entry and passive sensors. Reducing the number of mechanical parts and grooves, improves reliability and reduces system cost.
    Which ultimately touch screen sensing the presence of the capacitor, is its core technology,Buy induction heating capacitors and induction melting capacitors to build on Jiande Antai Power Capacitor Co.,Ltd.

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