• Vacuum induction furnace of electromagnetic stirring is how to form?
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  Vacuum induction melting furnace is under vacuum conditions, using electromagnetic induction in the metal conductor produce eddy current heating furnace smelting of, with melting chamber volume small, vacuum time and short melting cycle for pressure and temperature control, easy recycling volatile element and accurate control of the characteristics of metal components.
  Due to the induction coil and the metal charge, the distance between large, magnetic flux leakage is very serious, useful flux rarely, reactive power big, so in the capacitive circuits, current lead to voltage, to counteract the inductive effect, improve the power factor must incorporated into an appropriate number of capacitor in the circuit, parallel resonance capacitance and inductance, so as to improve the power factor of induction ring.

induction melting capacitors

  Vacuum induction furnace of electromagnetic stirring is how to form?
  The molten metal in the crucible of induction coil in the magnetic field in the electric power generated, due to the skin effect, through the molten metal to produce the eddy current and the induction coil current in the opposite direction, produce repulsive interaction; molten metal by the repulsive force always points to the direction of the axis of the crucible, molten metal were also pushed to the crucible of the center; and the induction coil is also the short coil. There are two short effect, so in the induction coil at both ends of a corresponding electric power becomes small, electric power distribution for the two small, intermediate and large. Under the action of the force, liquid metal first crucible axis from the center to the, to the rear centre respectively upward and to the downstream to, this phenomenon will continue to cycle down, they formed intense movement of liquid metal. The actual smelting can clear see the liquid metal in the central part of the crucible to uplift, under churn phenomenon, which is electromagnetic stirring.

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