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    With advances in technology, product maturity, induction heating equipment is applied more and more occasions. Induction heating technology, early application in the home appliance. Later, with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental advantages of more and more significant, with the use of stable and mature product technology, induction heating technology industry gradually began to develop. In just a few years time, the induction heating technology development and application of products have a qualitative leap.Induction heating and melting capacitors are very efficient.
induction heating capacitors
    Capacitive sensing is an inductive form of touch-based operation. As an alternative to the traditional mechanical buttons and sliding contacts, capacitive sensing technology can also be used to design a touch screen, a touch pad and proximity sensing device. This technology is not specific induction state of the button, but for detecting conductive objects exists in many cases, the user's finger is the conductive object.
    Touch-screen user interface often forces users to use both hands to operate the smart phone. Capacitive sensing technology allows the designer to create a special gesture interface that allows users to operate the phone with one hand and use the thumb to control various functions. Phone side capacitive touch sensors can detect the user holding the phone manner and location. Once the phone is able to do this, many functions can be realized.

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