• Why Are Capacitors Important?
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    Why Are Capacitors Important?
    The capacitor is a widely used electrical component.  It has several features that make it useful and important:
    A capacitor can store energy, so capacitors are often found in power supplies.
    A capacitor has a voltage that is proportional to the charge (the integral of the current) that is stored in the capacitor, so a capacitor can be used to perform interesting computations in op-amp circuits, for example.
    Circuits with capacitors exhibit frequency-dependent behavior so that circuits that amplify certain frequencies selectively can be built.
    Capacitors and inductors are both elements that can store energy in purely electrical forms. These two elements were both invented early in electrical history. The capacitor appeared first as the legendary Leyden jar, a device that consisted of a glass jar with metal foil on the inside and outside of the jar, kind of like the picture below. This schematic/picture shows a battery attached to leads on the Leyden jar capacitor.
    Although this device first appeared in Leyden, a city in the Netherlands sometime before 1750. It was discovered by E. G. von Kleist and Pieter van Musschenbroek. Although it has been around for about 250 years, it has all of the elements of a modern capacitor, including:
    Two conducting plates. That's the metallic foil in the Leyden jar.
An insulator that separates the plates so that they make no electrical contact.  That's the glass jar - the Leyden jar.

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