• Induction Furnace is the use of alternating current induction effect
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    Induction Furnace is the use of alternating current induction effect, so that the metal charge in the crucible itself emit heat, which melts and further reacting a superheated liquid metal smelting process. Induction furnace according to the configuration into a coreless and cored two. Intermediate frequency induction melting  capacitors are important core.
    Since the induction furnace sensor is a big inductance, coupled with the magnetic flux is closed through the air, so the induction furnace reactive power is quite large, the power factor is very low, generally only 0.10-0.11, it is necessary to use the appropriate capacitor and inductor in parallel to compensate for reactive power to improve power factor.
    Induction furnace characteristics (compared to EAF): 1 heating speed: the heat generated inside the liquid steel in the charge or direct heating, faster. 2. oxidation burning lighter, less gas absorption: no arc ultra-high temperature, the lower element burnout rate. No arc electron impact, reducing sources of liquid steel gas. 3. slag chemically active weak: liquid steel slag is heated above contact with the atmosphere, lower temperature, chemically inactive, regardless of the role in the smelting process.
induction melting capacitors

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