• Characteristics of Low Voltage Power Induction Heating Capacitor
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    Jiande Antai Power Capacitor Co.,Ltd to share a low voltage power induction heating capacitors, all products shell cylindrical aluminum casing, bottom and install the ground screw M12 / M16; the combination of Japanese technology and German technology, using the most advanced American Explosion security structures; metalized film capacitor element with a high-quality finished film with high self-healing properties, ensuring product quality, especially the side barrier designed to meet the requirements of high voltage contacts and high reliability;
induction heating capacitors
    1. Bolt outlet to ensure a stable and reliable connection, to meet the large capacity, high current requirements;
    2. Safe and reliable American pressure explosion-proof structure, built-in discharge resistor, making the product safer and more reliable;
    3. Long-life, multi-element design to increase heat dissipation area, so that the induction heating capacitors lower temperature rise, extend the life of the capacitor, the average life expectancy of 100,000 hours;
    4. Metalized film capacitor element with the use of special side blocking both high self-healing properties, but also meets the requirements of high voltage contacts and high reliability;
    5. Safe and effective protective measures to remove the injury to the human body;
    6. Convenient and reliable installation, improve work efficiency;

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