• Cast iron melting furnace technology
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    In recent years, environmental requirements, most small cupola was replaced by a small medium frequency induction furnace, the cupola the use of fuels such as coke, metallurgical smelting process occurs reactions, Furnace mainly alloy remelting, metallurgical reactions had no significant effect.
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     Furnace iron craft characteristic is that after liquid iron alloy remelting undercooling increases, while higher superheat temperature, followed by cast iron quality control encountered new problems.
    After remelting furnace hot metal impurities contained in the material is less compared to the cupola, that is to say higher purity, lack of heterogeneity in its crystalline core solidification process, composition and concentration of solidification ups and downs to be weaker, this allows to increase the degree of supercooling, along metastable alloy crystals to increase the possibility of blood coagulation, is an increase in the content of crystalline product, while the cupola containing molten iron due to the more heterogeneous core, when solidification crystallization along the line stable development Great tendency in the iron-carbon alloy phase diagram, the Department of crystallized product is stable ferrite and graphite.
    Furnace iron smelting characteristics and requirements of the components of cast iron foundry worker selection, charge ratio, the amount of scrap, breeding technology, carbon removal, desulfurization by sulfur, the ball process, Vermicularizing process, temperature control, and so many casting process aspects need to update the concept, take measures to ensure realistic and improve product quality.
    It found that many of cast iron in the production practice, in the same composition, mechanical properties, there is a big difference. In addition to the quality of hot metal composition associated therewith, but also to charge ratio, the amount of pig iron, steel scrap amount, return the amount of material, alloy addition, the melting temperature and baked bred technology and other closely related. The so-called synthetic iron, refers to the ingredients used in over 50% of steel scrap, cast iron material by increasing carbon composite method of preparation because of the need of a higher melting temperature, it should only melted in an electric furnace. Currently there are synthetic synthetic cast gray iron and ductile iron.

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