• Wide use of capacitive sensing technology
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    Capacitors are used in many industries, which are widely used in mobile phones, touch systems, computers and cars. The use of capacitive sensing control technology to become more beautiful, more easy to use, more flexible.Jiande Antai Power Capacitor Co.,Ltd supply induction heating capacitors and induction melting capacitors.
    Capacitive induction buttons instead of mechanical buttons: TV channels and volume control, remote control, game handle, FM FM radio knob and other most of the old applications are using mechanical switches as a user interface. Although the mechanical switch interaction does not require complex algorithms, but it has its own disadvantages.
Capacitive induction not only makes the user interface to become beautiful, but also easy to use touch sensing function.     Capacitive touch sensors have been replaced by billions of mechanical buttons. Capacitive induction not only to make the front panel appearance has become fashionable, but also eliminates the problem of mechanical buttons easy to wear.
As a result of the application of the display, the capacitive sensing technology can increase its aesthetic sense, and it is widely used. The display is usually made of non conductive material. If you use a mechanical button, the border needs to be coordinated with the button, which will certainly involve a high cost of tooling. The capacitive sensing button is located just under the frame, the frame itself is the outer covering, the finger touch framework can achieve capacitive sensing control.

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