• Processing capacitor failure to pay attention
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    A capacitor is a device receiving the charge, is one of the most commonly used electronic components, electronic equipment, the role of our laptops, cell phones, air conditioners, refrigerators have a capacitor. Induction heating capacitors and induction melting  capacitors Aetna are the most important products.
    Since the capacitor having two poles which remain residual charge characteristics, therefore, should first try to charge exhausted, or prone to electric shock. Handling failure of a capacitor, the capacitor bank should first pull up and down the circuit breaker and isolation switch, such as the use of fuse protection, you should first remove the fuse tube. At this time, the capacitor bank via a discharge resistor Although self-discharge, but there are still some residual charge, and therefore, must be manually discharged. When discharged, the ground wire first ground terminal and the ground fixed network, and then discharge the capacitor grounding rods repeatedly until no sparks and discharge sound until the last fixed ground wire. It should also be noted that if there is an internal capacitor disconnection, fuse blown or poor contact wire when the two poles between which may be residual charge and discharge automatic or manual discharge, these residual charge will not be let go of. Therefore, operation or maintenance personnel before touching capacitor failure should wear insulated gloves, and with a short line short fault of the capacitor so as to discharge the poles. In addition, the wiring in series capacitors should be discharged separately.

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