• Characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitors
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    Electronic and Electrical Engineering capacitor is an electronic component is important, it can be divided into fixed capacitors, trimmer capacitors, variable capacitors. Built Dean Jiande Antai Power Capacitor Co.,Ltd induction heating and induction melting capacitor capacitor.
    Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is a most commonly used, is wound around the core by the positive anode foil aluminum foil, electrolytic paper, aluminum foil negative cathode foil from overlapping. Advantages of aluminum electrolytic capacitors: 1 unit volume has the capacity particularly large. The lower operating voltage, the more prominent features of this area, therefore, especially suitable for capacitor miniaturization and large capacity. 2. The aluminum electrolytic capacitor with self-healing properties in the course of their work. The so-called "self-healing" feature refers to the defect or defects in the dielectric oxide film capacitor work process can always be repaired to restore its insulation should have the ability to avoid strokes call media avalanche breakdown. Dielectric oxide layer 3. The aluminum electrolytic capacitor can withstand very high electric field intensity. You can get a high rated capacitance. Low-voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors can be very convenient to obtain thousands or tens of thousands of micro-capacitance method. In general, the required power filtering, bypass capacitors and other purposes can only use electrolytic capacitors.

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