• Application fields of intelligent capacitor
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    Capacitor is one of the extensive use of electronic components in electronic equipment, notebook computers, mobile phones, watches, liquid crystal display these high-tech use capacitor. More common with induction heating capacitors and induction melting capacitors.
    Intelligent capacitor integrates modern measurement and control, power electronics, network communications, automatic control, electric power capacitor, such as advanced technology. Changed the traditional reactive power compensation device controller of backward technology and poor mechanical contactor or mechatronics switch capacitor cutting technology, as a reactive power compensation device has changed the traditional structure of bulky and heavy, so that a new generation of low voltage reactive power compensation device has the better compensation effect, smaller volume, lower power consumption, the price is cheaper, more cost savings, use more flexible, more convenient maintenance, long service life, higher reliability, adapted to the modern power grid to the higher requirement of the reactive power compensation.
    Main application areas are: plant distribution system, power distribution system in residential area, municipal commercial buildings, traffic tunnel distribution system, and complete sets of cabinet, outdoor distribution box.

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