• Working principle of a super capacitor
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    The super capacitor is a kind of capacitor with a capacity of up to thousands of Fala. According to the principle of the capacitor, the capacitance depends on the distance between the electrode and the electrode surface area, in order to get such a large amount of capacitance, the super capacitor to reduce the distance between the electrodes, increase the surface area of the electrode. For this purpose, the double layer principle and activated carbon porous electrode. Electric double layer capacitor dielectric in two electrode voltage is applied, and the electrode charge carrying opposite charge and are bound in the interface of the medium in the dielectric interface near the electrodes on the two electrodes to form a capacitor in fact is clear, the two electrode distance is very small, only a few nanometers, while active porous carbon electrode can obtain great surface area of the electrodes, can reach 20O M / g. Therefore, the structure of the super capacitor has a great capacity and can store a lot of electrostatic energy. In a word, this characteristic of the super capacitor is between the traditional capacitor and the battery.
    When the two electrode potential is lower than the electrolyte oxidation reduction potential, electrolyte interface charge will not be separated from the electrolyte, super capacitor for the normal working state, such as the oxidation of the capacitor voltage exceeds the electrolyte reduction potential, electrolyte decomposition, non normal state. Due to the discharge of the super capacitor, the charge on the positive and negative plates is discharged by the external circuit, the charge response of the interface of the electrolyte is reduced. It can be seen that: the charging and discharging process of the super capacitor is always the physical process, there is no chemical reaction. So the performance is stable, with the use of chemical reaction of the battery is different.
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