• Positive and Negative Polarity Judgment of Polar Capacitance
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    Positive and negative polarity of the in-line polar capacitor In general, the long leg is the positive pole, the short leg is the negative pole, but it is also possible that someone else has already cut the long one. Therefore, in order to judge accurately, you can use the following method :
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    In the gray part of the general there are two rectangular box, then next to the gray part of the recent pin is negative, this is the most accurate judgments, and will not go wrong, it is recommended to use this method!
There is a positive polarity when the capacitor leakage current is small, then reverse leakage when the use of this feature can be used to detect the polarity of the positive and negative polarity of the capacitor.
     Method is to use a multimeter resistance file measured capacitance of the positive and negative resistance, resistance is positive, small resistance for the reverse.
     Note: (1) before the measurement with a resistor or wire capacitance may be left on the exhausted; (2) measurement is due to the capacitor charging, the charging capacitor has a process, so the reading to the basic stability of reading (3) pointer black pen is positive by the pen is negative, while the digital table is the opposite.

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