• Precautions for replacing and servicing capacitors
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Note the following for the maintenance of the capacitor:
    (1) As a result of vacuum cleaning conditions, not in the field of internal maintenance of the capacitor.
    (2) found that the capacitor has a serious bulge, overheating and insulation aging defects, it should be out of operation, the replacement of spare capacitors.
    (3) of the seepage, oil leakage of the capacitor should be tested, if the insulation is intact, can take solder or epoxy resin and other methods of trapping.
    (4) quarterly cleaning, the main cleaning capacitor and ceramic insulation part of the framework, the capacitor discharge device, the capacitor chamber ventilation and ventilation holes, as well as the capacitor circuit on the electrical components.
induction heating capacitors
    In the event of a serious accident in the capacitor bank, the capacitor of the whole group must be manually discharged. Secondly, discharge each capacitor one by one, that is, contact the metal grounding rod with the capacitor terminal; Inspection, the investigation of a serious defective capacitors be replaced. Replacement must be based on the backup capacitor in advance of the recorded data, check its capacitance value and insulation resistance is qualified, and check for leakage, oil leakage. Replace the qualified capacitor, the test should be at rated voltage power three times, if the failure to try to run for 24 hours, during the trial run should strengthen inspection and inspection.

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