• Is the run capacitor and the start capacitor the same?
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Capacitor is an important electrical equipment in the electrical Industry and  is also one of Jiande Antai Power Capacitor Co.,Ltd 'S main products as well as induction heating capacitors and induction melting capacitors.

There are many ways to start, the capacitor u sed to start is called the starting capacitor. The Single-phase AC motor starts the torque to rotate and the torque time and anti-time to determine the motor's steering.
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    Operating capacitance: it is the AC phase shift after access to the secondary winding to form an alternating magnetic field, and the main winding of the alternating magnetic field to form an approximate circular oval rotating magnetic field. So it can be the same capacitor, but its role is different.
    No matter what kind of capacitance, in the beginning of the motor has a starting role. But when the motor reaches 75% of rated speed, the starting capacitor is automatically disconnected by the centrifugal switch, while the running capacitor is to accompany the motor to continue working. Motor starting process, in fact, the process of phase. Because the single-phase motor and three-phase motor is not the same, there is no phase difference, can not produce a rotating magnetic field. The role of the capacitor is to make the motor starting winding current in time and space, ahead of the operating winding 90 electrical angle, the formation of phase difference. Wherein the operating capacitance also acts to balance the current between the primary and secondary windings. Starting capacitor is a short time because of the work, the pressure requirements of 250V or more on the line, while the running capacitor to work long hours to require pressure in the 400V or more.
    Start capacitor is to start the individual motor coil at start-up power, cut off after the start, running capacitor is to allow the motor to play in the capacitor compensation, so the starting capacitor can not be less, and the running capacitor can not.
    Running capacitor is the normal work of the press when the start capacitor is used to start the press and run a capacitor to start up the press. Press the switch to start up after the capacitor is disconnected. Run and start capacitors together but the start-up capacitor has a turn-on. Press the switch to start up the capacitor is useless.

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