• How to judge the quality of capacitor with charge and discharge method
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    Capacitors can store charge. A circuit is likened to a road, and a capacitor is like a parking lot. The positive and negative terminals of the circuit must store the same number of charges. Induction heating capacitor is Jiande Antai Power Capacitor Co., Ltd. one of the best-selling products, the following to tell you how to use the charge and discharge method to determine the quality of the capacitor.
induction heating capacitors
    When there is no multimeter at hand, you can use the method of charging and discharging a rough check capacitor is good or bad. The power used is generally DC (especially the polarity of the electrolytic capacitor capacitors, be sure to use the DC power supply), the voltage should not exceed the voltage value of the capacitor was seized (marked on the capacitor), commonly used 3-6V dry batteries power supply. For the work connected to the AC circuit in the capacitor can also use the AC, but the voltage should pay attention to high security.
    After the capacitors are connected to the DC power supply, wait for a short time to disconnect the power supply. Then, with a piece of wire, one end of the capacitor and a pole connected to the other end of the capacitor connected to the other electrode, while the electrode and the wire to see whether there is spark between the discharge.
    There are spark discharge, that is good, and the larger the spark larger capacity (for the same specifications of the capacitor, the same power supply when used in terms of charge); no discharge sparks, that is bad.

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