• Working principle of induction heating capacitor
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      Induction heating: the workpiece is placed in the inductor, the inductor is usually input intermediate frequency or high-frequency alternating current (300-300000Hz or higher) of the hollow copper tube. Alternating magnetic field induced current to produce the same frequency in the workpiece, the induced current is not uniform in distribution on the surface of workpiece, strong, and in the internal core is weak, to close to 0, the use of the skin effect, can make the rapid heating of the workpiece surface, in a few seconds, the surface temperature rises 800-1000oC, and the core temperature is very small.

Frequency selection
The choice of the frequency of induction heating: according to the requirements of heat treatment and heating depth, the frequency is higher.
High frequency (above 10KHZ) heating depth of 0.5-2.5mm, is generally used for small and medium-sized parts of the heating, such as small module gear and small shaft parts, etc..
Medium frequency (1~10KHZ) heating depth of 2-10mm, generally used for large diameter shaft and large and medium modulus gear heating. The domestic well-known manufacturer of Hebei Hengyuan Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Power frequency (50HZ) heating the depth of hardened layer is 10-20mm, generally used for large size parts diathermy, large diameter parts (the diameter of more than 300mm, such as roll? Etc.) of surface quenching.
Empirical formula
Induction heating quenching surface hardening layer depth, depending on the frequency of alternating current, the frequency is generally high heating depth shallow, hardened layer depth is shallow. The relationship between the frequency of F and the heating depth, has the following formula: 8 =20/ V f (20 ~ C); 8 =500/ root f (800 degrees C).
Formula: F for the frequency, the unit is Hz; Delta for heating depth, the unit is mm (mm).
Specific application
Induction heating surface hardening has the advantages of good surface quality, small brittleness, hard surface oxidation and decarburization, small deformation, and so on.
Induction heating equipment is a device which generates a specific frequency induction current, and carries out induction heating and surface hardening treatment.
Quenching application
Application of induction heating surface quenching
Application: a workpiece subjected to torsion, bending alternating load, the surface layer is higher than the requirements under the stress of the core or wear resistance, to put forward to strengthen the requirements on the workpiece surface, suitable for carbon steel We=0.40 ~ 0.50%.

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