• Induction heating with high heating efficiency
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Induction heating with high heating efficiency, fast speed, good controllability and easy to realize the advantages of automation, widely used in metal smelting, heating, heat treatment and welding process of industrial production, technology become an indispensable means of defense, Department of metallurgy, mechanical machining and casting, forging and shipbuilding, aircraft and automobile manufacturing, etc..   
The working principle of 1.1 induction heating
Induction heating principle for generating alternating current, which is generated by the alternating magnetic field, the alternating magnetic field to produce eddy current heating effect is reached. As figure 1.1:

The success of high frequency heating depends on the size, shape and spacing of the heating coil. Induction coil is to achieve uniform heating, heating effect is good, and have strength and accuracy.  
Induction coil is generally used to do a lap or a few laps of the copper tube, the general use of water-cooled cooling coil. Coil simple shape is easy to design, but complex coil design is more complex, difficult to calculate, mainly depends on the experience and skilled to design.  
The basic shape of the induction coil as shown in the following figure.  
Outside, the inner surface of the planar heating body, heating mode (A) is the most general use shape (B) ratio (A) of the low efficiency, mainly used for pipes inside heating (C) is mainly used for surface continuous heating heating body.

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