• British scientists: mold can be used to make batteries and capacitors power amazing performance
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In 1928, the British bacteriologist Fleming first discovered the world's first antibiotic - penicillin. 88 years later, the British scientists once again found that mold has other important functions.
According to reports, the British University of Dundee Professor Jeffrey Gard and his team found that mold can not only be used to make batteries and capacitors, and power storage amazing.

      Scientists first let the genus Neurospora, manganese chloride and urea chemical reaction, and finally with minerals covered with long hyphae, heating hyphae and manganese dioxide and other electrical properties of the ideal compound.
The branched structure of fungal mycelium can play a good dispersion of the compound, which contributes to the occurrence of redox reaction. According to the scientists published in the "contemporary biology" of the paper, the use of mold extraction and manufacture of compounds with excellent "cycle stability": 200 times the charge and discharge cycle after the storage capacity of only 10%. In addition, mold extraction and manufacturing of electric energy is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way compared to materials extracted from other substances that make batteries and capacitors.

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