• About the basics of capacitors, you know?
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How much? Power capacitors are divided into series capacitors and shunt capacitors, which improve the voltage quality of power system and improve the transmission capacity of transmission lines. They are important equipment in power system. The functions of power capacitors are: phase shift, coupling, voltage reduction, filtering, etc., which are often used in high and low voltage systems to compensate reactive power in parallel, fracture surface of parallel AC high voltage circuit breaker, motor and so on.
Start-up, voltage divider, etc. Load of power system: such as motor, welding machine, induction furnace and other electrical equipment, in addition to consuming active power, but also "absorb" reactive power. In addition, the transformer of the power system also needs reactive power, if all reactive power is supplied by the generator, it is not only uneconomical, but also the voltage quality is poor, which affects the use of users.

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