• What are the advantages of capacitive sensors?
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Capacitive sensor is based on various types of capacitors as sensing elements, will be measured to change the physical or mechanical quantity into a capacitance change device, in fact, is a capacitor with variable parameters. Now, let's take a look at the advantages of capacitive sensors.
1, good temperature stability
The capacitance value of the capacitive sensor is generally independent of the electrode material, which is conducive to the selection of materials with low temperature coefficient, and because of its very small heat, little influence on stability. The resistance sensor has copper loss, easy to heat zero drift.
2. Simple structure
Inductive sensors are simple in structure, easy to manufacture and ensure high accuracy, and can be made very small to achieve some special measurements; Can work in high temperature, strong radiation and strong magnetic field and other harsh environment, can withstand great temperature change, withstand high pressure, high impact, overload, etc. Can measure the difference between high temperature and low pressure, also can measure the magnetic work.
3. Good dynamic response
Inductive sensors due to the electrostatic attraction between the charged plate is small (about several 10 ^ (5) N), to the role of energy, and because of its moving part can be done very small is very thin, the quality is very light, so its inherent frequency is very high, the dynamic response time is short, can work under a few MHZ frequency, especially suitable for the dynamic measurement. And because its medium loss is small can use higher frequency power supply, so the system working frequency is high. It can be used to measure parameters with high speed variation.
4, non-contact measurement and high sensitivity
Non-contact measurement of vibration or eccentricity of rotating shaft, radial clearance of small ball bearings, etc. When non-contact measurement is used, capacitive sensor has average effect and can reduce the influence of workpiece surface roughness on measurement.

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