induction heating capacitors

Water cooled power capacitors are designed for use on induction furnaces and heaters. They improve power factor or tune special furnace circuits.

The capacitors are all-film dielectric which is impregnated with an environmentally friendly, non-toxic biodegradable insulation oil. They are designed as water cooled live case units (dead case on request). Multi section configuration (tapping) enabling high current loading and tuning resonance circuits are standard feature. Recommended ambient temperature and water flow are very important.

    IEC 60110 – 1; 1998
    EN 60110 – 1; 1998

Order information
Rated voltage:           UN [kV]           
Rated frequency:           fN [kHz]           
Rated capacitance:
or rated power:           CN [µF]
QN [kvar]           QN = UN2 x CN x 2π x fN
Capacitance tolerance:           [+/- %]           -5 / +10 %
Live case:                       Yes / No
Dead case:                       Yes / No
Standards:                       IEC 60110-1; 1998 or EN 60110-1; 1998

Other requirements:

tapping, dimensions

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