High-voltage Shunt Capacitor


High-voltage Shunt Capacitor  is used for AC power system of power frequency at 50 or 60Hz to increase the power factor of system, improve the quality of voltage, reduce the loss of line.
High-voltage Shunt Capacitor is mainly composed of packet and case, and filed with high quality impregnant.

Quality Assurance System:

ISO 9001:2008

The shunt capacitor is mainly consists of box and packet.
 A: The stainless steel plate, automatic argon welding, and M/DBT oil as liquid dielectrics integrate the whole box.
 B: The packet is a combination of element and insulator. The element electrode is a fold and extrudes foil type. The solid dielectric is polypropylene film which has been treated with double side rough processing for easy impregnation. The polar plate is made of ultra thin aluminium foil.
Technical Data and Limit Values:
● Applicable Standards: GB/T11024.1-2010 National Standard <Rated Voltage 1kV or Higher AC Power System Shunt Capacitor> (equivalent to IEC60871.1:2005 International Standard <Shunt Capacitor>) and Ministry of Electric Power standard.
● The operation temperature of capacitor: BFM series is -25℃~+45℃; BAM series is -40℃~+45℃ should the altitude is higher than 1000m, it should be indicated in ordering.
● The medium between poles shuold resist one of the below tests in 10 seconds.
a. Frequency AC voltage: Ut(~)=2.15Un
b. DC voltage: Ut(~)=4.3Un
● The insulation of the terminals and cases should resist below voltage
(capacitors with only one terminal no need test):

●  The deviation of rated and actual capacitance should be -5%~+10%.
●  When capacitors are at the frequency rated voltage, the loss tangent (tgδ) at 20 ℃ is 0.0005.
●  Capacitors can tolerance 1.3In stable overcurrent because of voltage increase, the overcurrent can reach 1.43In.
●  Overvoltage: Continuous operating voltage is 1.05 UN, and can operation max 8 hours under 1.10Un in every 24 hours.
●  For those capacitors which contain discharge capacitor, it’s possible to reduce the voltage from peak voltage to 75V within 10 minutes. If reducing to 50V within 5mins is needed, it should be indicated in ordering.

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