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If furnace capacitor damage causes, voltage and current will affect

1. Influence of overvoltage of medium frequency electric furnace

1. Thick furnace lining

If the lining of medium frequency furnace is too thick, the load will become high, the power will become smaller, and the voltage fluctuation of capacitor will increase, resulting in damage phenomenon.

2, too fast furnace

Intermediate frequency furnace in the use of the process, in a short time after the steel out of the furnace, there is no molten steel in the furnace, the short-circuit discharge between the charge, resulting in the frequency current flashing, load resonance point drift amplitude, easy to cause the short-term inverter Angle is too large, the inverter voltage instant rise, a long time will naturally cause capacitor damage.

3, the furnace charge is too poor

If furnace in use, in the furnace after a period of time, the current and frequency is very low, dc reactance energy to continuously charge the capacitor. If the load becomes light, the low frequency oscillation of the capacitor increases, easy to cause the capacitor single direction overvoltage, resulting in capacitor damage.

Second, if electric furnace overheating effect

1, the cooling water is unqualified

If the furnace is in use, there is cooling water. If there is no cooling water, it can not be used normally. In addition, if the water quality of cooling water is not good in use, it will scale, which will cause insufficient cooling capacity, large temperature difference in capacitor core, and reduced central pressure resistance. Insufficient water flow will cause the overall temperature rise of the capacitor to be too high. Too strong corrosion will cause water cooling coil local point leakage, cooling water and insulation oil mixed, resulting in greatly reduced insulation capacity, resulting in capacitor damage.

2, conductive pile head loose

In addition, the electrothermal capacitor leads to more pile heads due to the large current. Due to the continuous alternation of hot state and cold state, it is easy to cause the loosening of pile head. This can cause damage to the capacitor, so you need to check the tightening screws regularly.

3. The ambient temperature is too high

In addition, the use of the capacitor environment is poor ventilation, environmental temperature is too high, because the water-cooled coil is close to the capacitor shell, the heat absorbed by the shell is also taken away by the coil, reducing the cooling capacity of the water-cooled coil, will also affect the capacitor.

3. Influence of overcurrent of medium frequency electric furnace

1. Ultra frequency use

When the current in the capacitor is proportional to the frequency. The capacitor is usually damaged when the furnace is full of molten steel. Because the frequency is higher and the current is larger when the furnace is full, it will cause influence if the frequency is exceeded.

2, capacitor short circuit

When the short circuit of a capacitor of the intermediate frequency furnace capacitor will cause the short circuit discharge of the surrounding capacitors, which will produce instantaneous large current, so that the capacitor will be naturally affected.

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