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Electrical knowledge, see is to earn!

1, what are the main components of the immersion transformer?

The main components of transformer are: iron core, winding, oil tank, oil pillow, breathing apparatus, explosion-proof tube, radiator, insulating sleeve, tap switch, gas relay, thermometer, net oil and so on.

2, what is fully insulated transformer? What is a semi-insulated transformer?

Semi-insulation is the main insulation of the partial winding near the neutral point of the transformer, the insulation level is lower than the insulation level of the end winding, and on the contrary, the general insulation level of the end winding of the transformer is called full insulation.

3. What is the main role of transformer in power system?

The role of a transformer in a power system is to transform voltage to facilitate the transmission of power. After the voltage is boosted by the booster transformer, the line loss can be reduced, the economy of power transmission can be improved, and the purpose of long-distance power transmission can be achieved. The step-down transformer can turn the high voltage into the required voltage at all levels to meet the needs of users.

4, what is the danger of casing crack?

Casing crack will reduce the insulation strength, can cause further insulation damage, until the total breakdown. Water in the cracks may also burst the casing as it freezes. It can be seen that casing crack is very threatening to the operation of transformer.

5, what is the role of high voltage circuit breaker?

High voltage circuit breaker can not only cut off and connect the normal high voltage circuit no-load current and load current, but also in the system failure with the protection device and automatic device, quickly cut off the fault current, prevent the expansion of the accident, ensure the operation of the system.

6, what is the role of wave arrester?

Wave arrester is an indispensable hf communication element for carrier communication and hf protection. It prevents the leakage of hf current to other branches and reduces the loss of hf energy.

7. What are the functions of current transformers?

Current transformers convert large current into small current in proportion, provide current for various instrument use and relay protection, and isolate the secondary system from high voltage. It not only ensures the personal and equipment, but also simplifies and standardizes the manufacturing of instruments and relays and improves the economic benefits.

8. What are the wiring methods of the current transformer?

The connection mode of current transformer includes two current transformers two-phase V connection and two-phase current difference connection. There are three phase Y connection, three phase δ connection and zero sequence connection using three current transformers.

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