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Characteristics and principle of induction heating power supply

Induction heating power supply to metal material heating efficiency, speed, and low consumption environmental protection. It has been widely used in hot processing, heat treatment, hot assembly and welding, melting and other processes of metal materials in all walks of life. Induction heating power supply is composed of two parts, one is to provide energy ac power supply, also known as frequency conversion power supply; The other part is the induction coil to complete the electromagnetic induction energy conversion, called inductor.

Working principle:

Induction heating is the use of electromagnetic induction method to generate electric current in the heated material, relying on the energy of these eddy currents to achieve the purpose of heating. The basic composition of induction heating system includes induction coil, AC power supply and workpiece. The coils can be made into different shapes depending on what is being heated. The coil is connected to a power supply, which provides alternating current to the coil. The alternating current flowing through the coil creates an alternating magnetic field through the workpiece, which generates eddy currents to heat the workpiece. In simple terms, it is to generate alternating current, thus generating alternating magnetic field, and then using the alternating magnetic field to generate eddy current to achieve heating.


(1) Without overall heating, the workpiece deformation is small, and the power consumption is small:

② Pollution-free:

The heating speed is fast, the surface of the workpiece is light oxidation and decarburization:

(4) The surface hardened layer can be adjusted according to the need, easy to control:

Induction heating equipment can be installed on the machining production line, easy to realize mechanization and automation for easy management, and can reduce transportation, save manpower, improve production efficiency:

(6) Martensite structure of hardened layer is fine, hardness, strength and toughness are high:

After surface quenching, there is a large compressive internal stress on the surface of the workpiece, and the workpiece has a high fatigue breaking ability. Induction heat treatment also has some disadvantages. Compared with flame quenching, induction heating equipment is more complex, and poor adaptability, it is difficult to ensure the quality of some workpiece with complex shape:

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