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The actual effect of the capacitor car audio circuit
    Capacitors in all walks of life that more use, such as car stereo, is traveling on the road who's a company, to use music to express feelings, with sound quality experience life. Car audio capacitor refers to electrolytic capacitors for car audio auxiliary circuit is a high-end car audio and high-end power amplifier auxiliary element to improve audio reproduction quality.
    The actual effect of car audio circuit is:
    1, can be reduced due to poor power amplifier and head caused by noise.
    2, when playing large dynamic program source, reduce the sudden voltage drop caused by the amplifier nonlinear distortion.
    3, in an excellent car audio system, the signal loss in the circuit is smaller, it can make the Alto area part of the performance full; treble portion of the sound permeability better, sound more brighter; making the bass more substantial and elastic. Enhance the quality of car audio plays an irreplaceable role.    Car capacitor selection method is:
    1, according to the capacitor brand, to choose their internal effective resistance of smaller capacitors brand stereo dedicated capacitor will make better. Operating voltage should select 25 volts or more, operating temperature not lower than 85 ℃
    2, the capacity of choice is based on the power amplifier power level selected, the host part of the capacity range of options are generally non-distinct 1000-1 this Wan microfarads. Power amplifier part of the capacity range of options is generally 50,000 microfarads, 100,000 microfarads 500,000 microfarads 1 Farad and 1.5 Farad several specifications. For a more powerful car audio systems, generally select a plurality of capacitors connected in parallel.
    3, a capacitor using the choice, you can use a small Farah number and Dafa pull the number doing so can make it equivalent resistance is smaller.

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