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The main impact of the capacitor induction melting heat for two reasons
    Medium frequency induction melting furnace circuit, electric induction coil and a capacitor connected in parallel or in series load resonant circuit to compensate for emotions without full power to the inverter circuit to provide commutation current. Medium frequency induction melting capacitor using water cooling structure, its shell is rectangular aluminum fuel tank, the core elements in parallel with the 2-6 group.
    In order to accelerate the speed of induction melting capacitor, often run operation IF increase voltage, but this causes the capacitor to withstand the high pressure continued, when the operating voltage is higher than the standard capacitor, induction melting capacitor reactive power output will increase, bringing damage
    The main impact of the capacitor induction melting heat for two reasons:
    (1)The circulation passage . Circulating water quality decline, plumbing corrosion fouling, water leakage, pressure drop and so will reduce the water flow, thus affecting heat dissipation. To run the tour operating temperature monitoring of the capacitor, circulating water pressure, water leaks, etc., abnormal should be promptly shut down process, and regular water quality tests on the failed cooling water to be replaced.
    (2) heat exchangers. Sheet heat exchanger fouling, fouling will affect the effect of heat transfer, the operation of the switch to monitor the import and export inspection and regular cleaning temperature, pickling descaling, if necessary, to ensure the effect of heat transfer.

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