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What should be paid attention to in reducing the pressure of the capacitor of the induction device
The principle of capacitive pressure reduction is not complicated. Its work is in principle reactance under certain frequency AC signal using capacitor to limit the maximum working current.
The following points should be paid attention to when using the capacitors for induction equipment to reduce voltage:
1, according to the current size of the load and the frequency of alternating current to select the appropriate capacitor, rather than according to the load voltage and power.
2, the current limiting capacitor must adopt the polarity of the capacitor, absolutely can not use the electrolytic capacitor. And the voltage of the capacitor must be above 400V. The ideal capacitance iron oil immersed capacitor.
3,the capacitors for induction equipment can not be used for high power conditions, because it is not safe.
4,the capacitors for induction equipment is not suitable for dynamic load conditions.
5, the same, the capacitor voltage is not suitable for capacitive and inductive load.
6, when DC work is required, as far as possible using half wave rectifier. Bridge rectifier is not recommended. And to meet the conditions of constant load.

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