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Why does the induction heater leak electricity

1、 Equipment problems

If it is caused by electric leakage and jump, you can consider the problem of the grounding wire of the induction heater. There is a problem with the induction heater itself. If the large electromagnetic coil we use trips, it may be that the matching is not very good, resulting in excessive current and trips. You can also look at the problem of the brake.

2、 Output copper pipe

The connection of the output copper pipe is loose. Treatment: seal the connection of the output copper pipe again. Cause: the connection of the output copper pipe is not tight enough, resulting in internal circulating cooling water leakage.

In general, the leakage of this induction heater is caused by improper installation, which may be due to the grounding wire not connected, poor grounding, or the wire in the circuit touching the shell. If your high-frequency quenching equipment encounters other faults, it is recommended to contact the after-sales engineer of the induction heater manufacturer to solve them.

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