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Precautions for medium frequency electric furnace

(1) Observe the cooling water (temperature, water pressure and flow) on the internal and external circulating water system at any time.

If it is found that the water flow of a branch is small, leaking, blocked, or the temperature is too high, the power shall be reduced for operation or shutdown for treatment: if it is found that the cooling system of the furnace body is powered off or the pump is stopped due to failure, and the cooling water of the furnace body is cut off, the melting shall be stopped immediately;

a. Start the water pump with the backup power supply;

b. Or start the emergency diesel generator to supply power and start the emergency circulating cooling system;

C open the tap water (or emergency water tank) to directly enter the cooling (at the same time, open the drain) and directly discharge the water cooled by the furnace body;

d. If it cannot be treated in a short time and the water circulation is difficult to recover for a time, the molten iron in the furnace shall be emptied to prevent the molten iron from being cooled for a long time and becoming iron blocks, which is difficult to take out from the furnace;

(2) Observe various indicating instruments on the power cabinet door of the intermediate frequency furnace at any time, and adjust the input of intermediate frequency power in time to obtain good melting effect and avoid long-term low-power operation.

(3) Pay close attention to the current indication value of the leakage current indicator to grasp the change of the lining thickness. When the indicator reaches the alarm value, the boiler shall be shut down and rebuilt.

(4) In case of sudden protection indication during normal operation, first adjust the power knob to the minimum value position, and immediately press "inverter stop" to find out the cause and start after troubleshooting.

(5) In case of emergency or abnormal conditions, such as abnormal sound, smell, smoke, ignition or sharp drop of output voltage, sharp rise of output current, increase of daily intermediate frequency frequency compared with normal operation, and large fluctuation of leakage current (furnace lining alarm value), which may be caused by thin furnace lining, leakage of molten iron, arc and short circuit of induction ring gate, immediately press the "inverter stop" button to stop the machine and handle it in time to prevent the accident from expanding.

(6) When feeding and scraping, the power shall be reduced first. When pouring molten iron from the furnace, the variable-frequency power supply shall be placed at the "inverter stop" position.

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