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What is the voltage of capacitance?
   The capacitor is composed of two mutually insulated conductors near each other, which can hold a charge while also storing energy. Jiande Antai Power Capacitor Co.,Ltd  main capacitor induction melting capacitors and induction heating capacitors. The charging of the capacitor is the process of making the capacitor with a point. The discharge is the process of losing the charge after the charge is charged.
induction melting capacitors
    Induction melting capacitors are widely used in electrical and electronic technology, and large power capacitors are used to improve the efficiency of power equipment. Electronic technology used in the capacitor to generate electromagnetic shock, change the waveform, filtering, coupling, etc.. The charge on the capacitor is doubled, and the voltage between the two poles must be doubled.
    Voltage is the maximum DC voltage that can be applied to the capacitor in the circuit for a long time to work effectively without being broken down. For the same structure, medium, capacity of the capacitor, the higher the pressure, the larger the volume.
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