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Induction heating capacitors consists of the following major components
    Induction heating capacitors is mainly used for 40 — 50000HZ frequency induction heating electrical system, or used to improve power factor improvement circuit characteristics. Jiande Antai Power Capacitor Co.,Ltd to build high-capacity, small size, has been providing export services to provide a capacitor for large enterprises.
     Induction heating capacitors consists of the following major components:
     Core: the core element composed of several parallel capacitor element and the capacitor dielectric plate aluminum guide roll is made. Plate elements are prominent in the extracellular medium, a plate and the cooling water pipes welded with cooling water pipes are connected by a ground stud or ground cover sheet, the total head for the plate.
     The second plate and the housing insulation, connecting gusset with a guide rod, through the lid porcelain leads.
     Enclosure: a rectangular enclosure, the tank wall welded on both sides have borrowed for hanging climbing. Cover with a number of configuration rod porcelain sets and ground stud or ground sheet.
induction melting capacitors
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