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why capacitors oil leakage?
    Capacitors for induction equipment in materials, mechanical part and the assembly of electronic parts are all in the design of sensing touch sensors need to consider the issues involved, the key is to design the interface part of the actual sensors and users.
    Capacitance is a form of energy stored in the electric field of passive components. In time of need, the energy stored in the capacitor can be released to the circuit. Capacitor consists of two conductive parallel plates, between the plates is filled insulating material or dielectric material.
    Today, Jiande Antai Power Capacitor Co.,Ltd share why capacitors oil leakage? Due to improper handling practices, lift the ceramic casing, resulting in the flange weld cracks or wiring when fastening nut excessive force, resulting in injuries, and the porcelain bushing weld defect present in the product manufacturing process, are likely to resulting capacitor leakage oil phenomenon. Meanwhile, the capacitor put into operation after severe temperature changes, the internal pressure increases, will cause the oil leakage is more serious. In addition, because after a long run, may cause capacitor case paint flaking, rusting metal, but also a cause of running capacitor oil leakage. The consequences of oil leakage capacitor is to reduce impregnating agent, easy to damp upper member and the breakdown of the capacitor is damaged, it must be repaired promptly.
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